Micro-Pricing Strategy for Home Sellers

In today’s competitive market for sellers – buyers on the internet can easily obtain your home’s information in complete detail.  This include:

– Original sale price, mortgage amounts and any refinancing
– Numerous sites offer com parables sales data, home valuations, price per sq. ft.
– Public records include new permits issues with any improvements/additions
Savvy buyers know all about your home and its potent ion market price point before they ever visit. And if the price/value of your listed home is out of sync with buyer data – you may never see them or have requested visits to view your property.  They will simply move on to other properties that match their data.  Pricing higher and discounting just does not work.  Even you must get pricing right from the outset.
Without significant activity at your home, selling your home will take much longer and you may eventually end up taking a much lower price just to sell the home – you will be worn down by the process.  Your listing agent must generate this activity in the first 3-4 weeks on market! This initial activity alone will indicate whether you have priced the home properly or not.
Simply looking at local comps and pricing to recent sales is not enough.  Sellers – actually their Realtors – need to be smarter, more aggressive and do their homework if they want to sell quickly and maximize price.

About ihaterealtors

I have been a realtor for 6 years, I have been in real estate as a Real Estate Paralegal for 20 years (ok, maybe more years than that :) But, yes, I have been in real estate for a lot of years!
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