Things to consider when choosing a Realtor

1.  You should interview a minimum of two Realtors (ideally 3).  It’s time consuming but you can get a feel for the person who will be handling a stressful transaction for you.

2.  You should ask what their transaction volume is.  Choosing the busiest Realtor is not necessarily the best choice.  The busier the Realtor the less time they will have for you and likely pass off all the work to an assistant who usually has no real estate experience.   As a Realtor who has to deal with Realtors, nothing is more frustrating when I am trying to set up a visit to a home and the listing Realtor doesn’t return calls, texts or emails.  If sellers knew how often this happened, they would be appalled.

3.  You should ask to see their ratings/reviews.  In this technological era, ratings/reviews are becoming more and more important.  These are unbiased references from people who have had actual experience with the Realtor.  Of course, some people can’t be pleased and will leave bad reviews, but there is always a story to be told.

4.  When you have the Realtor at your home, you should make sure they present you, and you sign, an Agency Disclosure.  This is NOT a contract.  This is a document that ensures anything you say to that Realtor stays with that Realtor.  Let’s face it, if you interview 3 Realtors, those 3 are walking away with some pretty private and personal information about you and your situation and since you can’t list your home with all 3, one of those Realtors will likely be showing your home to one of their buyers.  They now have information that can help their buyer when and if they write an offer.

5.  Brick and mortar brokerages are becoming extinct  so make sure your Realtor has a pretty awesome website and mobile app (for the younger crowd that uses their smart phones as computers).  Most Realtors all work virtually from their home office nowadays and since 92% of buyers start their search for a home on the internet, chances are your buyer will have found your home from a website.  Don’t feel you have to list your home with a brick and mortar operation because of their “local” knowledge.   I could live next door to you, list your home and still not be able to sell your home.  All the information about schools, towns, crime, etc. are on the web.  I could list and sell your home from the Bahama’s – it’s all about technology.

6.  Print marketing is also becoming extinct (i.e. postcards, newspapers, etc.), you’ve got to be on the web and in Multiple Listing Service (“MLS”).

7.  Myself and my company meet all of the above requirements, so give me a call today (or text), or email and let’s start the process of listing your home.  I don’t live in the Bahama’s!  I am a true Massachusetts life-long resident and have been doing real estate for many years.  Just read my profile and reviews!

8.  If you think you want your listing Realtor to be present at any and all showings, think again.  Buyers are less likely to stay in your home and become acquainted with your home if the seller’s representative is present.  Buyers are extremely uncomfortable with this because they don’t feel they can openly talk about your home with their realtor.  Not to mention that when a buyers’ Realtor is trying to set up a showing, we now have to accommodate your Realtor’s schedule and trust me when I tell you, they do not make it easy on us and it’s likely because they want to make it as difficult as possible so that the potential buyer gets fed up and calls them directly so that they can get both sides of the deal.

9.  Avoid dual agency if possible.  Meaning, make sure that in your listing contract, if a buyer calls your Realtor directly, and eventually writes an accepted offer, that the commission % is reduced.  Your realtor would have only received 50% if a Buyers’ Realtor was involved so why should they receive 100% for both sides?  This will ensure that your Realtor returns phone calls of Realtors who are trying to set up a showing and that they represent you only.  If your Realtor knows there is no chance of getting a full 5% commission, they are more responsive to buyers’ Realtors (trust me on this one!).

Hope this info. helps and I hope you give me an opportunity to meet you and work with you to sell your home.


About ihaterealtors

I have been a realtor for 6 years, I have been in real estate as a Real Estate Paralegal for 20 years (ok, maybe more years than that :) But, yes, I have been in real estate for a lot of years!
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