Can’t we all just get along?

One of the most frustrating parts of being a Realtor, well, ok a couple of frustrating parts, is that we are viewed as a non-essential, overpaid, profession that earns huge money and doesn’t do anything to earn that check.  It’s interesting to me because anyone else who works their job, puts in their time away from their family, expects a paycheck at the end of that work week.  Yet Realtors aren’t supposed to expect that?  Why?  For some reason our profession is deemed as not deserving of a paycheck.  We do our job, we work weekends and we work  7 days a week trying to sell your home, qualify buyers, perform a miracle.  We are expected to answer your mortgage persons questions, your lawyers questions but yet you think we don’t earn our salary.     A day in the life of a successful realtor is an exhausting thing.   Home sellers aren’t available to show their own house 24/7, or deal with the crap of peeling through buyers, coordinating showings, coordinating inspections, negotiating, therapy, and the list goes on and on.  Until you have bought a house with a Realtor and experienced a problem that your realtor was able to problem solve and resolve, you’ll never know how hard our job is.  But I can tell you this one thing to be FACT.  If you are buying or selling and have run into an issue and your Realtor fixed you, you will forever have a changed idea of my profession.  It’s like attorney’s – everyone hates them until you need them – then you are glad you had one.   If you have bought and sold without an issue, then thank your Realtor because we were behind the scenes holding everything together while you focused on packing and readying for the move.

The whole reason Buyer’s agency was introduced in Real Estate was because sellers and their realtors were screwing over buyers – so that states introduced buyers agents for the protection of the consumer.  Yet with the invention of consumer websites like Zillow and Trulia, we are reverting back to the old ways via FSBO.  A buyer, making the biggest purchase of their life, spending their savings, is relying on someone who wants top dollar for their property!!!!! Do you really think they will tell you all the bad about the house????   Really?!?!?!?  This is incredibly amazing to me.

The other, sadder, part of being a Realtor is dealing with other Brokerages.  This is such a cut throat business within the business that it’s sickening.  We, as Realtors, are supposed to deal fairly with consumers, yet we can’t treat each other with respect and kindness! Each brokerage plays a game with the co-brokers paycheck.  It’s like one brokerage wants every single seller and buyer the Commonwealth has.   So they will withhold our check.  A check we earned because we made the mistake of selling YOUR listing and as a thank you, we get a great, big “F” you.  There is absolutely NO STANDARDIZATION for us Realtors, no safety net, no help from the many Boards we pay our dues to.  Yet without that one broker showing your listing to their pre-approved buyer, you wouldn’t have a check to withhold!  Another incredibly amazing thing.


About ihaterealtors

I have been a realtor for 6 years, I have been in real estate as a Real Estate Paralegal for 20 years (ok, maybe more years than that :) But, yes, I have been in real estate for a lot of years!
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